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Saturday, October 1

8:00am PDT

Charles Knowles and JG Collomb kick off Expo with a welcome.

avatar for JG Collomb

JG Collomb

Executive Director, Wildlife Conservation Network
JG has always been passionate about animals. With over two decades of experience in the non-profit sector, his focus has been at the interface between wildlife conservation and development issues. He joined WCN in 2012 and provides strategic leadership to enhance WCN’s overall impacts... Read More →
avatar for Charles Knowles

Charles Knowles

President, Co-Founder, Wildlife Conservation Network
Charlie is the President and Co-founder of the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN), which has advanced a powerful new model of wildlife conservation. Charlie retired early as a successful Stanford-educated entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He founded software company Rubicon Technology... Read More →

Saturday October 1, 2022 8:00am - 8:10am PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

8:10am PDT

Save the Elephants
Save the Elephants (STE) is a leader in elephant conservation and research in Kenya and across Africa. Elephants continue to be threatened by poaching for their ivory and their key habitat has slowly disappeared, putting their long-term future in peril. STE has spent nearly three decades raising global awareness about this crisis, giving elephants a voice and creating pathways to coexistence between elephants and people. STE and WCN also co-manage the Elephant Crisis Fund, which supports projects aimed at stopping elephant poaching and the trafficking and demand for ivory. STE is dedicated to securing a better future for Africa’s giants.

avatar for Esther Serem

Esther Serem

Community Outreach Manager, Save the Elephants
Esther is the Community Outreach Manager for Save the Elephants' Tsavo Program, where she has worked for six years. She leads community conservation, health outreach, and empowerment activities. Esther strives to help communities live peacefully alongside elephants through education... Read More →
avatar for Nancy Odweyo

Nancy Odweyo

Head of Awareness, Save the Elephants
Nancy Odweyo is the Head of Awareness at Save the Elephants. She is a Kenyan conservationist keen on exploring the intersection between people and nature with interests in community-based conservation, environmental project management for impact, and conservation outreach.

Saturday October 1, 2022 8:10am - 8:25am PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

8:45am PDT

Seratu Aatai (Bornean Elephants)
Seratu Aatai, meaning “solidarity” in the Sungai language (a Malaysian language founded around the Kinabatangan River), was established in December 2018 with the mission to create a society that is willing and capable to take responsibility to protect and coexist with elephants. Seratu Aatai works with different stakeholders involved in elephant conservation at the national and international levels to develop a strategy for elephants that balances the needs of conservation and socio-economic benefits.

avatar for Nurzhafarina Othman

Nurzhafarina Othman

Director, Seratu Aatai
Dr. Nurzhafarina “Farina” Othman is the Founder and Director of Seratu Aatai. Farina was born and raised in Borneo and has committed her life to protecting the Bornean elephants. The Houston Zoo sponsored Farina’s doctoral degree and provided support for extensive leadership... Read More →

Saturday October 1, 2022 8:45am - 9:15am PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

9:15am PDT

9:30am PDT

Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation
There are over 30 species of small wild cats around the world, many of which are unknown to most people. The Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation (SWCCF) strives to raise awareness and defend these rare cats from a variety of threats, such as shrinking habitat, loss of prey, and conflicts with humans, livestock, and domestic animals. Since they are often difficult to locate, little is known about many small wild cat species, which is why SWCCF’s work is so vital to their survival. SWCCF works with local partners on nearly every continent to study small wild cats, identifying and mitigating threats to save them and their habitat. They also hold conferences with other small cat researchers to broaden scientific understanding of these mysterious felines.

avatar for Dr. Jim Sanderson

Dr. Jim Sanderson

Director, Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation
Dr. Jim Sanderson has over 4 decades of experience in the conservation of small cats. He is the founder and director of the Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation (SWCCF). In 2004, Jim was the first person to capture and radio-collar an Andean cat; his images of Andean cats have also... Read More →
avatar for Cindy Hurtado

Cindy Hurtado

Pampas Cat Working Group Co-Coordinator, Pampas Cat Working Group
Cindy Hurtado obtained a degree in Biology in Peru and a master's in Ecology in the United States. She started working on tropical forest and mammal research in 2012, focusing on pampas cat conservation since 2015. In that same year, she founded BioS, a Peruvian NGO focused on biodiversity... Read More →
avatar for Alvaro Olaechea

Alvaro Olaechea

Pampas Cat Working Group Co-Coordinator, Pampas Cat Working Group
Alvaro is a Peruvian biologist who earned his master's degree in Ecology and Conservation in Brazil. He started working on mammal research in tropical forests in 2009 while he was still an undergraduate student. In 2013, he began his path to pampas cat conservation when he discovered... Read More →

Saturday October 1, 2022 9:30am - 10:00am PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

10:00am PDT

Snow Leopard Conservancy
Only a few thousand snow leopards remain in their home high in the mountains. This rare species is a sacred symbol of Central Asia, but lives under constant threat of poaching, human development, and climate change. The Snow Leopard Conservancy (SLC) binds snow leopard conservation with the traditional beliefs of indigenous communities to build support for saving this big cat. With the aid of innovative technologies and the expertise of local people, SLC tracks snow leopards and protects their habitat. They also educate children about snow leopard conservation and help run Land of Snow Leopard, a coalition of conservationists and local cultural leaders.

avatar for Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson

Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson

Executive Director, Snow Leopard Conservancy
Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson is the Executive Director of Snow Leopard Conservancy. She earned a bachelor’s in Zoology from the University of Florida and found her passion specializing with big cats in AZA-Zoos with the Felid Taxon Advisory Group. She earned a master’s in Wild Animal... Read More →
avatar for Rinzin Phunjok Lama

Rinzin Phunjok Lama

Conservation Program Director, Third Pole Conservancy
Rinzin Phunjok Lama is the first graduate in environmental science from Humla. He has a BSc. in Forestry from Tribhuvan University of Nepal and a master’s in International Nature Conservation from the University of Göttingen, Germany, and Lincoln University, New Zealand. He is... Read More →

Saturday October 1, 2022 10:00am - 10:30am PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

10:30am PDT

10:45am PDT

Saiga Conservation Alliance
Across the steppe and semi-arid deserts of Central Asia and Russia, the saiga antelope faces worse threats than the harsh climate. Over a 15 year period, the saiga population dwindled from millions to just the few hundred thousand surviving today due to extensive hunting for their meat and horns. The Saiga Conservation Alliance (SCA) protects saiga throughout their range and closely monitors herd health. SCA engages local communities heavily to build national pride in the saiga, incorporate them into cultural events, and teach young people about the future of saiga conservation. Recently, the saiga population has begun to slightly increase thanks in part to the efforts of SCA.

avatar for Olya Esipova

Olya Esipova

Project Coordinator, Saiga Conservation Alliance
Olya Esipova began working with Saiga Conservation Alliance (SCA) as a volunteer, becoming a formal member in 2017. She is the Research and Development Officer of SCA’s Uzbekistan program, where she works with local communities to protect the critically endangered saiga antelope... Read More →
avatar for Dr. Elena Bykova

Dr. Elena Bykova

Co-Founder, Saiga Conservation Alliance
Dr. Elena Bykova holds a Ph.D. in Ecology and has over 25 years of experience as a field zoologist. She is the head of the laboratory for endangered species evaluation at the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, and a Co-founder of Saiga Conservation Alliance (SCA). Since 2004, she has... Read More →

Saturday October 1, 2022 10:45am - 11:15am PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

11:15am PDT

Hirola Conservation Program
The Hirola Conservation Program (HCP) is an indigenous led, non-profit organization based in Garissa County, Kenya. The project is primarily dedicated to promoting conservation of hirola antelope (Beatragus hunteri) in eastern Kenya along the Kenya-Somalia border. With a global population size of fewer than 500 individuals, the hirola is threatened by habitat loss, completion with livestock and predation. HCP is currently restoring habitat for hirola in an effort to bolster their population growth in their natural range.

avatar for Dr. Abdullahi Ali

Dr. Abdullahi Ali

Executive Director, Hirola Conservation Program
Dr. Abdullahi Ali is an indigenous Kenyan conservationist born and raised in Garissa (home of the hirola). He works in the isolated and volatile regions of eastern Kenya and some parts of southwest Somalia that border Kenya. Despite being raised in a small village, Dr. Ali received... Read More →

Saturday October 1, 2022 11:15am - 11:45am PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

11:45am PDT

Saturday October 1, 2022 11:45am - 12:00pm PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)
Monday, October 3

9:00am PDT

Women Who Save Wildlife | Gorongosa Project
avatar for Dominique Gonçalves

Dominique Gonçalves

Elephant Ecology Project Manager, Gorongosa Project
Dominique Gonçalves is a Wildlife Ecologist and manager of Gorongosa National Park’s Elephant Ecology Project in Mozambique. Dominique investigates elephant movement and range expansion in relation to habitat use and human-elephant conflict. Working with law enforcement and sustainable... Read More →

Monday October 3, 2022 9:00am - 9:20am PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

9:20am PDT

Women Who Save Wildlife | Okapi Conservation Project
Few animals look as mythological as the okapi, a reclusive species found only in the Democratic Republic of Congo. To prevent this rare animal from disappearing, the Okapi Conservation Project (OCP) monitors their small population in Okapi Wildlife Reserve. OCP also works with authorities to tackle threats to okapi and their habitat, such as illegal mining and logging, bushmeat poaching, and harmful agricultural development. To cultivate pride and inspire the next generation of okapi protectors, OCP runs educational programs for children and offers community assistance to the people who share land with okapi on the reserve.

avatar for Rosmarie Ruf

Rosmarie Ruf

DRC Director, Okapi Conservation Project
Rosie has worked in the DRC since 1979, and has been with OCP since its founding in 1987. As OCP’s in-country Director, she leads OCP’s programs by working in close collaboration with Congolese authorities and non-governmental organizations to secure the Okapi Wildlife Reserve... Read More →
avatar for Carin Makonga

Carin Makonga

Educator, Okapi Conservation Project
Carin is an educator for OCP and coordinates OCP’s support for the Mambasa and Mungbere MARFO women’s groups (Mamans Amies de la Reserve de Faune a Okapis). She organizes the delivery of supplies, equipment, and training for women to develop their own methods to generate income... Read More →
avatar for Marceline Bakowa Awese

Marceline Bakowa Awese

Women’s Group Member, Okapi Conservation Project
 Marceline is the current president of the Epulu MARFO Women’s Group (Mamans Amies de la Reserve de Faune a Okapis) and has been a member of the group since 2015. After she gained sewing, embroidery, and gardening skills provided by the organization, she was elected president by... Read More →

Monday October 3, 2022 9:20am - 9:40am PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

9:40am PDT

Women Who Save Wildlife | Spectacled Bear Conservation
Spectacled bears are the only bear species found in South America, and their scarcity makes protecting them challenging at times. Spectacled Bear Conservation (SBC) works closely with communities in Peru’s alpine and lowland forests to preserve bear habitat and food supply. Habitat fragmentation is an ongoing threat, so one of SBC’s primary goals is purchasing land to connect isolated bear populations. SBC studies the biology and distribution of these bears to formulate the effective conservation strategies. They also provide conservation education and an alternative livelihood program to indigenous Peruvian communities to involve them in the conservation of this rare bear species.

avatar for Robyn Appleton

Robyn Appleton

President, Spectacled Bear Conservation
Robyn has more than 20 years of experience studying bears and other wild animals in the field.   She grew up on Canada’s west coast, spending summers in the alpine with her parents in search of bears. She has always been interested in bears, hoping to improve conservation practices... Read More →

Monday October 3, 2022 9:40am - 10:00am PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)
Tuesday, October 4

12:00pm PDT

Combating Wildlife Crime | Pangolin Crisis Fund
The Pangolin Crisis Fund (PCF) has the express goal of stopping the poaching, trafficking, and the demand and consumption of pangolin meat and scales. Since being founded in 2019 by WCN and Save Pangolins, the PCF has invested in programs around the world that protect pangolins and their habitats as well as orchestrate campaigns to reduce the demand for pangolin products. Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, pangolins were not well known on a global scale, so their vulnerable status went largely unnoticed. The PCF has highlighted the connection between today’s pandemic and the broader threat of the illegal wildlife trade, and to date, the PCF has supported 10 projects in 14 countries and disbursed over $918,000 toward pangolin conservation.

avatar for Wilson Ogoke

Wilson Ogoke

Wildlife Policy Coordinator, Africa Nature Investors
As a Nigerian barrister and solicitor, Wilson is an experienced litigator. He currently serves as the Africa Nature Investors' Wildlife Policy Coordinator for a project to deploy strategic legal and policy interventions to protect Africa’s biodiversity from illegal wildlife trade... Read More →
avatar for Araluen

Araluen "Azza" Schunmann

Director, Pangolin Crisis Fund, Pangolin Crisis Fund
avatar for Tunde Morakinyo

Tunde Morakinyo

Executive Director,, Africa Nature Investors
Tunde Morakinyo is a Community Forestry and Tropical Forest Conservation Specialist. He’s spent 25 years implementing natural resource management projects for NGOs, particularly in West and Central Africa. Tunde also works on community conservation projects around protected areas... Read More →
avatar for Erin Chong

Erin Chong

Wildlife Campaigner, Environmental Investigation Agency
Erin Chong is a Wildlife Campaigner at the Environmental Protection Agency UK, where she works on issues related to the illegal trade of pangolins in Africa and Asia with a focus on traditional Chinese medicine. She holds an MSc. in Crime Science, Investigation and Intelligence from... Read More →
avatar for Mary Rice

Mary Rice

Executive Director, Environmental Investigation Agency
Mary Rice joined the Environmental Investigation Agency in 1996 and was appointed Executive Director in 2008. She is responsible for directing the daily operational and long-term strategic management of EIA UK, as well as working on campaigns and projects and representing EIA at conferences... Read More →

Tuesday October 4, 2022 12:00pm - 12:20pm PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

12:20pm PDT

Combating Wildlife Crime | Cheetah Conservation Fund
The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) has spent the last thirty years working internationally to save cheetahs. The cheetah population has decreased by 90% in the last century due to human-cheetah conflict and habitat loss, so CCF’s mission is to curb this decline and amplify conservation efforts to help their numbers recover. From their base in Namibia, CCF changes hearts and minds through community education about cheetahs. They also protect ecosystems shared by people and cheetahs and provide rehabilitation to cheetahs rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. CCF works tirelessly to preserve the future of cheetahs in the wild.

avatar for Dr. Laurie Marker

Dr. Laurie Marker

Executive Director, Cheetah Conservation Fund
Dr. Laurie Marker, Founder and Executive Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), is recognized as one of the world’s leading cheetah authorities. She began her pioneering research on Namibia’s cheetahs in 1977, becoming an expert in cheetah biology, ecology, and conservation... Read More →

Tuesday October 4, 2022 12:20pm - 12:40pm PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

12:40pm PDT

Combating Wildlife Crime | Rhino Recovery Fund
The Rhino Recovery Fund (RRF) launched in mid-2020 to protect rhinos from wildlife crime and restore their landscapes, while also improving the health of rhino populations and benefiting local people. Rhinos once roamed Africa and Asia in abundant numbers, but the illegal horn trade and rampant habitat loss have caused their populations to shrink dramatically. The RRF funds projects that aim to stop rhino poaching, curb the demand for their horns, and both protect and restore their natural habitats. Through the joint efforts of conservationists and local communities, rhinos can reclaim their lands and recover their numbers. In its first few months, the RRF has already supported nine projects in six countries and disbursed over $908,000 for rhino recovery.

avatar for Dr. Markus Hofmeyr

Dr. Markus Hofmeyr

Director, Rhino Recovery Fund
Dr. Markus Hofmeyr graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Pretoria in 1994. He worked as an exotic animal vet until 1995, when he joined the North West Parks and Tourism Board as a field ecologist for Madikwe Game Reserve. From there, he went to Kruger National Park in... Read More →
avatar for Mark Gerrard

Mark Gerrard

Managing Director, Wildlife ACT
Mark is the Managing Director of Wildlife ACT Fund Trust and the elected Chair of the IUCN South African National Committee. Mark has focused his efforts on fostering the inclusion of local communities into the conservation sector and exploring sustainable funding mechanisms for conservation... Read More →
avatar for Zama Ncube

Zama Ncube

Community Conservation Manager, Wildlife ACT
Zama Ncube grew up next to Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, the oldest park in Africa. He started his conservation career working for an Anti-Poaching Unit in Phinda Private Game Reserve, and from there, his love for being in the field and his knowledge of the bush and wildlife led him to... Read More →

Tuesday October 4, 2022 12:40pm - 1:00pm PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)
Wednesday, October 5

2:00pm PDT

Restoring Wild Places | Grevy's Zebra Trust
Found only in northern Kenya and parts of Ethiopia, the Grevy’s zebra is the rarest and largest zebra species in the world. It is threatened by widespread loss of habitat, restricted access to scarce water sources and insecurity, and large scale infrastructure projects. With roughly 3,000 individuals remaining, Grevy’s Zebra Trust (GZT) is dedicated to helping this rare zebra population rebound, which is intrinsically linked with the resilience of pastoral communities in northern Kenya. GZT puts these communities at the center of their conservation efforts and works with them to implement sustainable livestock grazing, restore degraded land, and monitor Grevy’s zebra to ensure they have access to key resources for their survival.

avatar for Belinda Low Mackey

Belinda Low Mackey

Executive Director, Grevy's Zebra Trust
Belinda Low Mackey was born and raised in Kenya and is the founder of Grevy’s Zebra Trust. She has an MSc. in Conservation Biology from the Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology and is a Certified Educator in Holistic Management. Belinda is a member of IUCN’s Equid Specialist... Read More →
avatar for Peter Lalampaa

Peter Lalampaa

Rangelands Manager, Grevy's Zebra Trust
Peter Lalampaa is from northern Kenya and joined Grevy’s Zebra Trust (GZT) in November 2007. He has a bachelor’s in Environmental Science from Kenyatta University and a MSc. in Conservation Biology from the University of Kent, UK. In 2012, he also completed the Emerging Wildlife... Read More →

Wednesday October 5, 2022 2:00pm - 2:20pm PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

2:20pm PDT

Restoring Wild Places | Misool Foundation (Corals)
Misool Foundation, based in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, safeguards the most biodiverse reefs on Earth through the empowerment of local communities, providing a structure by which they are able to reclaim their traditional tenureship of reefs.

At the core of their operation is the belief that sustainable tourism and community-based conservation are mutually beneficial. They seek to demonstrate to local hosts, government, and guests that sustainable tourism can provide a better life than logging, mining, or overfishing.

The Misool Foundation team manages a suite of conservation programmes which combine marine governance, waste management, community empowerment and species conservation. They protect biodiverse marine environments while consistently delivering measurable conservation results.

avatar for Virly Yuriken

Virly Yuriken

Chairperson, Misool Foundation
Virly Yuriken is the Chairperson of Misool Foundation, helping lead and manage a 300,000-acre marine reserve and an extensive network of recycling hubs. As Chairperson, Virly works side by side with communities, governments, donors, and her team to protect the world's richest reef... Read More →

Wednesday October 5, 2022 2:20pm - 2:40pm PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

2:40pm PDT

Restoring Wild Places | Proyecto Washu (Brown-Headed Spider Monkeys)
Proyect Washu's primary goal is to protect the habitat of one of the most endangered primate species in the world, the Brown-headed spider monkey (Ateles fusciceps fusciceps). They face immediate threats of habitat loss from cropland expansion, mining activities, and legal or illegal logging. To reduce the impact of these threats, Proyecto Washu works on Scientific Research, Community-led Development, Ex-Situ Conservation, and Sustainability Environmental Education. Proyecto Washu is certain that biodiversity conservation in highly diverse regions is directly linked to the quality of life of local communities and the appropriation of their territory. They believe that local communities are the ones who lose the most from deforestation, but they are also who can gain the most from the protection of the forest.

avatar for Nathalia Fuentes

Nathalia Fuentes

Co-Director, Proyecto Washu
Nathalia Fuentes Is an Ecuadorian biologist who co-founded Proyecto Washu 10 years ago. As a co-director, she works for the conservation of Ecuadorian primates, especially the brown-headed spider monkey, through scientific research, community work, and environmental education. She... Read More →
avatar for Felipe Alfonso

Felipe Alfonso

Co-Director, Proyecto Washu
Felipe Alfonso-Cortes is a biologist who has been working in biodiversity conservation for a decade, mainly on endangered neotropical primates. He is co-founder and co-director of Proyecto Washu/Fundación Naturaleza y Arte in Ecuador, where they are developing a conservation strategy... Read More →
avatar for Esteban Rivera

Esteban Rivera

Primatologist, Proyecto Washu
Esteban Rivera is an Ecuadorian biologist who joined Proyecto Washu in 2017 to develop as a primatologist. He worked on community environmental education and managed the Proyecto Washu Reserve in Manabí Province. Esteban participated in the status evaluation and monitoring of primates... Read More →

Wednesday October 5, 2022 2:40pm - 2:55pm PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)
Thursday, October 6

5:00pm PDT

Life Aquatic | MarAlliance (Sharks and Rays)
Throughout the Americas and reaching all the way to Africa’s shores, MarAlliance works to conserve sharks and rays. These phantoms of the deep have graced Earth’s oceans for 400 million years, but roughly 24% of sharks and rays are nearing extinction due to overfishing, pollution, and habitat degradation. MarAlliance has spent decades working with local fishers to develop effective conservation goals, document shark and ray distribution, and discourage harmful fishing practices. They also conduct research to establish marine protected areas and offer community and children outreach programs to convey the importance of these vital marine predators.

avatar for Dr. Rachel Graham

Dr. Rachel Graham

Executive Director, MarAlliance
Dr. Rachel Graham is a conservation scientist with over 28 years of experience on projects around the world. She is the founder and Executive Director of MarAlliance, an international organization dedicated to the research and conservation of large marine wildlife, such as sharks... Read More →

Thursday October 6, 2022 5:00pm - 5:20pm PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

5:20pm PDT

Life Aquatic | African Marine Mammal Conservation Organization
avatar for Aristide Takoukam Kamla

Aristide Takoukam Kamla

President, African Marine Mammal Conservation Organization
Aristide Takoukam Kamla is the founder and leader of the African Marine Mammal Conservation Organization (AMMCO). A marine biologist by training and a National Geographic Explorer, Aristide studied Animal Biology and Marine Wildlife Ecology and Management at Cameroon’s University... Read More →

Thursday October 6, 2022 5:20pm - 5:40pm PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)

5:40pm PDT

Life Aquatic | Sea Sense (Sea Turtles - Tanzania)
Sea Sense is an NGO that works closely with coastal communities in Tanzania to conserve and protect endangered marine wildlife, including sea turtles, dugongs, whales, dolphins, and whale sharks. These species and their habitats face a very uncertain future, mostly due to human activities in the coastal zone. Sea Sense has a grass roots approach and has recruited and trained a network of over 60 Conservation Officers to act as ambassadors in their village and serve as a vital link between Sea Sense and the wider community. Activities focus on research and conservation, education and capacity development, sustainable livelihoods, and governance and leadership. Sea Sense projects are specifically designed to address the root causes of the degradation of marine and coastal ecosystems.

avatar for Navonaeli Omari Kaniki

Navonaeli Omari Kaniki

Executive Director, Sea Sense
Navo leads the Sea Sense team and is responsible for the overall management and strategic development of the organization, to ensure that their work is well aligned with national biodiversity priorities.

Thursday October 6, 2022 5:40pm - 6:00pm PDT
Blue Stage (Virtual)
Friday, October 7

7:00pm PDT

Celebrate Wildlife with Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE
Commemorate WCN’s 20th Anniversary with special guest Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE.

We will be following all San Francisco City Guidelines and venue regulations regarding Covid-19 at this event.

Buy tickets to this event here.

avatar for Dr. Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall Institute
Dr. Jane Goodall is the world’s leading primatologist, spearheading groundbreaking chimpanzee fieldwork since the 1960s. Her discoveries about the complexities of chimpanzee societies in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park have changed our perception of mankind’s relationship... Read More →

Friday October 7, 2022 7:00pm - 8:30pm PDT
Sydney Goldstein Theater 275 Hayes St, San Francisco
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